The Beyond The Basics Project

Brandon Copeland is an NFL New York Jets Linebacker and Defensive Back and has become one of our friends and someone who we are really excited to support.  This year was the second annual football camp that Brandon has organized for the youth in Baltimore City. The camp is to promote and encourage the kids to pursue education and to know that there is more to life than just becoming a football player and maybe making it into the NFL. Brandon brings out other NFL players who help lead the one day camp as well as other business professionals that help show the kids that you can be successful in whatever area you want. We are excited to be a part of this camp because we truly believe in what Brandon is teaching. The video here is of his first camp ever which lead to this past year's camp which grew significantly in size. We are thankful for what Brandon is doing and his desire to see the youth in the city of Baltimore succeed.

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Brandon Copeland Football Camp