About The Fischer Co.

We wanted to push the boundaries in video production and storytelling simultaneously creating personal relationships with our clients. To us, it’s paramount that our clients feel as though they are the only ones we are working with, going above and beyond industry expectations to not only produce something incredible but to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Our values are to treat everyone we come in contact with, with honor, dignity, and respect. We strive for personal excellence, continuous improvement and to always put our clients first. We understand there is great value in having a positive influence with those who we work with. Having a positive influence on others requires a certain sense of intentionality. It is how we persevere through challenges that reveals and develops our character and demonstrates a consistent effort to work with like-minded individuals towards a common purpose and goal all the while creating some really great content.

We understand the importance and relevance of timelines when it comes to project milestones and deadlines. We also respect your time and your needs, and we’d like to think that no one responds to emails faster than we do. Our approach is to discuss your initial video needs, from the must-haves to the love to haves and what the purpose or desired outcome should achieve and by when. Next, we’ll provide a clear proposal and contract from Fischer which states the package price and agreement, certain aspects such as a number of billable hours, a breakdown of all that pertains to your project as well as the launch date and deadline with the necessary terms and conditions as related to client agreement. Fischer vows to keep our clients up to speed with the progress of projects along the way with updates up through the completion.

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Fischer is a creative video agency focused on authentic storytelling, for today’s most impactful brands.

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