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Shah and Shah Jewelers

The Shah and Shah Project

Shah and Shah is a boutique family run business in the Washington DC area. They focus on the unique customer service and attention to detail when it comes to not only designing your one of a kind jewelry but also the process of making it. Everything about Shah and Shah is local to the area, from when it was first started in 1929 up through until current day. Located on the upper floor of a business building with no store front, anyone who steps in through the front door is there intentionally. We wanted to create a campaign of short videos that highlight a few of the special things that Shah and Shah offer that big box store don't or can't. Each of the individual video's are unique in and of themselves touching on various aspects, but the look and feel of them are cohesive to one another and carry the same vibe and feel. This promotional piece is something that we are really proud of and would love to do again. The video you see here is just one of the few in the campaign.